Episode 17 - Graham Hill, Creative Director

How a “flat” leadership hierarchy influences the dynamics of a creative team.

Refilmery Series takes you behind the scenes to discover the process and strategies that filmmakers and creative people employ in their work.


On Today’s Episode

Today’s guest is Graham Hill, Freelance Creative Director at the agency HUSH.

With over thirteen years experience spanning film titles, branding, book design, large-scale interactive installations, music videos, and commercials, Graham is as comfortable in the director’s chair as he is kerning logotypes. No matter the project, his approach remains the same—find the core of the problem and create a visceral, visually compelling solution touching both the heart and the brain.

Graham dropped by Refilmery to share with us his experience executing interactive installations. We talk about his “flat” leadership hierarchy and how that influences the process. He tells us how to stay “on brand” to deliver a compelling story while also meeting the needs of the campaign, and he also shares strategies of how to bring together the various personalities of your creative team.

We also discuss personal branding – when you have so much varied creative content on your reel, how do you curate what you present when networking with clients and on your website? Do you include everything? Or only the projects that reflect the direction you want to take your career?

About Graham Hill

graham-hill-portrait Graham’s work has been recognized by the AIGA, promaxBDA, Stash DVD Magazine, Output Magazine, metropolis, Interview Magazine, Creativity Online, FWA, as well as numerous books and websites. He’s also been a guest critic at SVA and Pratt Institute and has spoken at conferences around the world.

Additionally, he has no sense of humor.

See his work at hellograhamhill.com.

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