Episode 16 - Marc Meyers, Director of How He Fell In Love

Director Marc Meyers discusses the magical collision of actors and camera

Refilmery Series takes you behind the scenes to discover the process and strategies that filmmakers and creative people employ in their work.



Travis (Matt McGorry) is a struggling young musician, who crosses paths with Ellen (Amy Hargreaves) an older, married yoga instructor in the process of adopting a child.

Travis and Ellen begin an affair that slowly deepens into something more intimate and profound.

As their encounters continue, Travis must face the consequences of infidelity while Ellen is confronted with her crumbling marriage.

On Today’s Episode

This is director Marc Meyer’s third narrative feature. Marc lives with his wife and producing partner Jody Girgenti and their daughter in Brooklyn.

He joins me on today’s episode of the Refilmery Series to discuss:

  • How to create a safe and trusting environment when directing actors for closed-set sex scenes
  • The magic of storytelling through film through the collision of actors and camera.
  • How Marc creates scenes and characters that are true to life
  • How to improve your drama writing skills so that you’re not just telling your own story or getting in the way of your own work.

This is director Marc Meyer’s, live from the Refilmery Series in Soho New York.

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107-min | Drama, Romance | USA
Official Release Date: 15 July 2016
Director: Marc Meyers
Writer: Marc Meyers


Travis … Matt McGorry

Ellen … Amy Hargreaves

Henry … Mark Blum

Monica … Britne Oldford

Jason … Bobby Moreno

Steve … Seth Barrish




About The Director

Marc’s third narrative feature How He Fell in Love premiered at the 2015 LA Film Festival and was released in July. His previous films include Harvest, starring Oscar nominees Robert Loggia and Barbara Barrie, and Approaching Union Square. Marc began his career as a development consultant for the IFP Market and Gotham Awards, and is a graduate of Franklin & Marshall College. His next film is an adaptation of the award-winning graphic novel My Friend Dahmer, his screenplay for which landed on the 2014 Black List. Marc lives with his wife and producing partner Jody Girgenti and their daughter in Brooklyn.

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