Refilmery Summer Festival 2018



Intimate opportunity to meet creative professionals


Complimentary beer, wine, and popcorn


Gallery showcase of short films


Ask the filmmaker your questions

What is a New York City summer without a film series? Whether you’re a filmmaker looking to meet other creatives, an app inventor wanting to discuss business video ideas, or just a movie buff looking to find your people, join us for refreshments and a series of curated short films.


Short film screenings and creative networking event.


Watch entertaining short films, meet filmmakers, talk about creative ideas.


Refilmery is a New York video production company that produces commercials and brand videos for clients looking to tell their story in a captivating way. We develop our filmmaker community by encouraging different points of view and sharing our passion for storytelling.


5–8pm, Wednesday July 18th, 2018
27 East 28th Street, 3rd Floor, New York


Screening Schedule

Unspoken Code

Director: Jennifer Schwerin
Duration: 24 minutes
Synopsis: An advanced AI robot programmed to exceed expectations is paired with a man who pushes all her buttons.


Director: Gary Jaffe and Katie Ennis
Duration: 15 minutes
Synopsis: In the days following Pearl Harbor, a duty-bound young man must decide whether to serve his country overseas or stay in New York City with his streetwise lover.


Director: Jamie Kirkpatrick
Duration: 15 mins
Synopsis: A drunken felon pulls a newly acquired handgun on a friend, sparking a series of potentially life-altering events within his own family.


Director: Kimmy Gatewood
Duration: 15 minutes
Synopsis: A woman suffering from OCD tries to write a suicide note that takes into consideration every single loose end in her life.


Director: Brian Hollars
Duration: 7 minutes
Synopsis: A young boy ventures through the city of New Orleans in hope to gain closure for a lost loved one. His struggle is between mother nature and the understandings of himself.

A Negotiated Dignity

Director: Timour Gregory
Duration: 20 minutes
Synopsis: Shot over the course of a month in Greece this experimental documentary creates a meditation on the refugee crisis and the people who cover it.

The Other Hand


Director: Rachel Wood
Duration: 12 minutes
Synopsis: A strained romantic relationship between two uptight ladies and a house haunted explores the teeter-totter between choice and sinister external forces.

Peel the Paint

Director: Noah Shulman
Duration: 7 minutes
Synopsis: A schoolboy daydreams about a colorful and illustrated world all set to the sounds of Gentle Giant’s “Peel the Paint.”


5–8pm, Wednesday July 18th, 2018
27 East 28th Street, 3rd Floor, New York


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