Refilmery Fall Festival 2018


Meet fellow creative professionals


Complimentary beer, wine, and popcorn


Showcase of original short films


Ask filmmakers your questions

A communal film experience for creative professionals

Whether you’re a filmmaker, musician, graphic designer, marketer, or just interested in the many creative elements that go into film and video production, come join us for drinks and lively conversation. We will explore a curated collection of powerful short films.


Social networking event and short film showcase.


Engage with professionals in the media industry and experience original cinematic works with the filmmakers on hand to answer your questions and discuss their process.


Refilmery is a New York video production company that produces commercials and brand videos for clients looking to tell their story in a captivating way. We develop our filmmaker community by encouraging different points of view and sharing our passion for storytelling.



Refilmery @ WeWork
27 East 28th Street, 3rd Floor, New York
5–8pm, Wednesday October 24th, 2018



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5-min, directed by Michael Muchnij

Little Norman is excited to join a game of piñata at Duncan’s 11th birthday party, but when he accidentally breaks Duncan’s nose with the bat, he’s delighted to discover that candy, not blood, is pouring from Duncan’s nose. And much to the dismay of the unsuspecting party guests, he is very very hungry.



4-min, directed by Alix Lambert

A fast talking fox ends up behind bars, where did it all go wrong?



6-min, directed by Madeline Kelly

In his darkest hour, a depressed IT guy is on the verge of suicide when he is confronted by an ex school mate… but this old ‘friend’ is no guardian angel.



14-min, directed by Julia Ngeow

A talkative Australian traveler and a reclusive artist form an unlikely bond after an accidental ‘break and enter’ in Brooklyn.



14-min, directed by Daneeta Jackson

A lonely teen shuts down his YouTube channel after being bullied by haters. Can he make a real human connection?



3-min, directed by Gabriel Shalom

Video sampling and synchronized audiovisual counterpoint create a fusion of contact improvisation and musique concrete. A trio of dancers move through an empty industrial warehouse. Contact improvisation technique creates encounters between bodies and architecture. The sounds created by the dancers interactions with the space serve as concrete music. The video editing explores a counterpoint of synchronous, synchronized and asynchronous relationships between sound and image. The dancers dance to music made from the sounds of their own movements.



4-min, directed by Ryan Kjolberg

You may be in your house. You might lock the doors and feel safe, but what if by doing this, you just trapped yourself in with a monster? Safety is just an illusion. When a man’s printer begins printing disturbing images of him in his home, he comes to the chilling realization that he isn’t alone.



Calling All Filmmakers!

Refilmery's Winter Festival is currently open for submissions. Filmmakers are invited to send in their short film, web series, or passion project for consideration.

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