Embedded Documentary Film @ Refilmery VIP Filmmaker Series


Runtime: 30min

Director: Madeleine Pryor
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Sebastiano’s passion is documenting war. His award-winning photographs from Syria and Afghanistan are widely published. His girlfriend, Gessica, is proud of him, but fears for his life and struggles to understand his drive to work in combat zones. This short documentary is a mixture of compelling verite and interview footage from their life together in New York and includes Sebastiano’s breathtaking field videos and photos from Syria, Afghanistan, Libya and Haiti.

Madeleine Pryor - Embedded Documentary Film @ Refilmery VIP Filmmaker SeriesAbout the director: Madeleine is a documentary photographer and burgeoning filmmaker based in New York. She is Executive Director of Base Camp Media, which provides documentary-style storytelling and communications consulting services to social issue-focused organizations and companies.


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