Refilmery Screening Room

Refilmery Screening Room

Refilmery’s monthly Refilmery Series hosts an intimate screening of original works in our exclusive 24-seat theatre, including a Q&A and time for complimentary beer, popcorn, and mingling.

Details for this month:

Refilmery Series – Bonus Test Screening

6:30pm sharp
Thursday 21st May 2015
69 Charlton St, New York, NY 10014

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In a startling synthesis of cinema and theatre, filmmaker Larry Brand joins acclaimed actor Stephen Lang on a journey through the desperate conflicts of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam. Changing character with quicksilver virtuosity, Lang reaches deep into reservoirs of emotion and pain, fortitude and courage, humility and joy, embodying the personae of eight warriors, each a Medal of Honor recipient with a remarkable story to tell. With equal skill, director Brand employs a wide cinematic arsenal to frame, enhance, and illuminate these stories. The result is a unique melding of two art forms, theatre and cinema, based on journalist Larry Smith’s best selling war chronicle, Beyond Glory.



Larry Brand’s first job in the film industry was as driver and production assistant to Orson Welles. Following his first feature film, the psychological thriller Backfire, he wrote, directed, and co-starred in The Drifter, Masque of the Red Death, and Overexposed for Roger Corman. His films have ranged from award- winning independents Paranoia and Christina to studio productions Hard Luck and Halloween: Resurrection. A Perfect Man, starring Liev Schreiber and Jeanne Tripplehorn, was released December 2013. The Girl on the Train, starring Henry Ian Cusick, Nicki Aycox, and Stephen Lang was in theaters July, 2014. The Coexist Comedy Tour is currently available on Starz.

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