USAID - Maternal Health

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Each day this year, 17,000 more children will live—and 700 more mothers will survive childbirth—than 20 years ago. This is the result of truly global efforts. Satyawati is a mother of three living in a village in Mewat District, India. Like all mothers, she wants the best for her children, including for her newborn son. In a world where motherhood is still a risky endeavour, Satyawati’s story reflects the Indian Government’s new approach to maternal and child survival. With help from her local health worker, Sathyawi knows how to best care for her children. She has had them vaccinated. She practices proper hygiene at home. Millions more have benefited from India’s recent efforts to reduce maternal and child death. In fact, under-5 mortality has dropped from 125 per thousand live births in 1990 to 56 per thousand live births in 2012. Although India still accounts for 1 out of 5 deaths worldwide, the country is on the right path, and has the full support of the United States, which is committed to help end extreme poverty and its most devastating consequences—child hunger and child death—in the next two decades. The goal of ending preventable child and maternal deaths is within reach. Together we will continue Acting on the Call.

Editing by Refilmery for Lonely Leap Films.